Protection Systems

The factory, according to the directive in law concerning the emissions into the atmosphere, is equipped with a modern and completely automatic system of collection, conveying and reduction of dusts and steams that can be developed from the stored waste and during the treatment. Electrometal is equipped with two reduction plants, scrubber type: the first, two-stage, is a scrubber for acid and basic gas effluents and has a collection capacity equal to 4000 Nm3/h and pH and redox automatic control. The second, one-stage, fixed bed, is placed to feed a specific collection, with a suction capacity equal to 1400 Nm3/h. Moreover, the company is equipped with a suction plant with sleeve filters, with a total surface of 140 square meters and suction capacity equal to 14000 Nm3/h.

The systems are equipped with automatic cleaning of the sleeves with differential pressure control of the real filtering capacity. In addition, all the working area in the plant and, in particular, where possible particles of suspension dusts can be present, is in slight depression, in order to improve the quality of air in the environment, with a high-power suction equal to 24.000 Nm3/h. The scrubbers and dust reduction systems are controlled by automatic control units with acoustic and optic detectors that highlight possible anomalies, in order to prevent non-conformities in the emissions. To prevent the dispersion of pollution substances outside the working area, at the exit of the trucks from the platform, a plant of wheel washing is working that, on demand, is available to guarantee the cleaning of the vehicle. This plant is provided with high-pressure pumps (10 bars) with a capacity of 2000l/minute. The intervention is driven through a remote control from the operators of the platform.