Twenty years at your service

The awareness of responsibility towards the community and the individuals, towards businesses and the environment has surely increased as regards the general consciousness and, particularly, in the entrepreneurs.

The regulations, the environmental one and the hygiene and safety in working place one, based on EU and national directives, tend more and more to regulate and optimize the specific sectorial activities. Awareness of responsibility towards the community and the individuals, businesses and the environment.

Electrometal S.r.l. operates in the specific sector of services for the global management of industrial waste, specialized in the treatment of the same, it also deals with its characterization, collection and the following final disposal. The Company is able to manage a wide range of waste typologies coming from different industrial processes, hazardous special waste and non-hazardous special waste, solid and liquid states of matter. Electrometal plant has been designed in strict compliance with the applicable statutory regulations and a great investment has been made in research, leading to the creation of an operative control centre managed by a remote control system using a special software designed in direct cooperation with the company’s technical staff; this system manages every operation of the poly-functional platform, inertisation, dust and steam collection systems, tank levels, intervening in real time in the plant operation to guarantee a correct overall management, protecting human health and preventing all environmental pollution risks.

Besides the standard storage, unpacking and mixing services, the Company has gained, in many years of activities, a strong experience in the treatment through inertisation of solid, pulverized and muddy industrial waste, conferred loose or packed in different packaging typologies.

Electrometal Srl’s main activity is undoubtfully the inertisation treatment of waste; this treatment allows to manage all those industrial waste that, due to their specific characteristics, could not find a suitable placement in final disposal plants, such as landfills of waste. The Company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.